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09 Jun Corale Syrah in 30 Seconds!
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Another day another 30 Second Wine Tasting! Today we taste an incredible Sicily Syrah (Italian Shiraz) and boy this is a wine you don’t want to miss out on! It’s bursting at the seam with spicy & fruity aromas with an even bigger taste on the palate,..
02 Jun Drink Like Royalty: The Best Sparkling Wines to Celebrate the Queen’s Birthday
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We love a reason to celebrate and the Queen's birthday long weekend is no exception! In preparation to raise a glass to toast Her Majesty, we’ve decided to treat you with up to 60% off our best-selling Sparkling Wines. Celebrate the long weekend like..
25 May The Healthiest Wine You Can Drink
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With so much said about the numerous health benefits of wine when consumed in moderation, some of you may be wondering if some wines are healthier than others. The short answer is, yes. Hence why we’ve decided to list below different types of wine ba..
21 May 7 Wines for Every Night of the Week
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Are you ready to enjoy a DIY wine tasting for a whole week? Then settle in and get ready to discover some wonderful wines from a variety of different regions. Our wine specialists have brought out their deepest knowledge of quality wines to offer you..
12 May Blind Tasting 3 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc's
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Learn the differences between these 3 types of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc's. Grab a glass and follow along!This time we are going to be doing a blind tasting on three different New Zealand Marlborough Sauv Blancs. Even though New Zealand produces ju..
07 May This Chardonnay is unquestionably Mum-Worthy!
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All the elements of a mum-worthy Chardy are on hand in the Pioneer Wines Hunter Valley Chardonnay 2017: An infusion of ripe floral fragrances and lush flavours of lemons and limes, enhanced by the cool crisp palate. Then, it waves good-bye with an el..
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